Sunday, July 19, 2009


So i suck at blogging ive got better shit to do, well i had better shit to do i guess right now i dont so im blogging....alway im moving to san fran with ella to work for LEVIS which im stoked on, aslong as i get a visa from the us gov all systems are we decided as a send off to have to first ever tour de juc.......a cycling event thru the sleepy streets of jan bongs at the slaven, bourbon at sippos, vodka at slims and tequila and san booooooooka at heywoods, plus a jumps course and other dope shit......anyway, jay and arnold jumped off a roof, we lit a bike on fire and dane won, anyway look at the pics for the real story.........oh and i will finally start uploading this thing more from san fran.........shots by heywood(

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